Bariatric Patients

Q: Why do I need a psychological evaluation before I can have bariatric surgery?

A: There are two very good reasons for this evaluation. First, many insurance companies realize its importance and require a psychological evaluation before they will approve bariatric surgery. More importantly, your entire surgery team of physicians, nurses and dietitians want you to maximize your success – to lose excess body weight, become a healthier person and improve the quality of your life to the greatest possible extent.

The psychological evaluation can help identify your strengths, such as a strong motivation to exercise as your weight is coming off, a complete understanding of the effects of surgery or a supportive marital relationship. It can also help find areas where you might need support after surgery, such as depression or mood swings, lack of family support or triggers for past emotional eating.

When you call our office to schedule an appointment, please have your insurance information ready to give to our office staff. If you have Medicare please let us know if you have a supplement. We will call your insurance company and check your benefits for this procedure.  We will call and let you know what benefits your company has quoted to us. This information is an estimate and final determination will be when your claim is paid. Please watch for your Explanation of Benefits that will come to you explaining how your claim was paid.

We ask that you take care of your co-pay/co-insurance at the time of the appointment and that you pay with either cash, Mastercard or Visa. Sorry no checks. Our staff will explain to you the paperwork you need to complete prior to your appointment. If you can fill out the paperwork prior to your appointment this will save you a lot of time here in the office. You will need to fill out the Registration Packet and the 2-page Medical History Form.

Your appointment will take approximately 2 1/2 hrs. There are two psychological tests that you will take here in the office and you will have a private interview.

After you see Dr. Mehl and complete both psychological tests you will be free to go and the results of your evaluation will be sent to your referring surgeon’s office. This usually takes 2 working days.