Relationship Satisfaction

Instructions: Place a check on the line to the right of each category that best describes the amount of satisfaction you feel in your closest relationship(s). “0” is Very Dissatisfied, “6” is Very Satisfied 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

  1. Communication and openness
  2. Resolving conflicts and arguments
  3. Degree of affection and caring
  4. Intimacy and closeness
  5. Satisfaction with your role in the relationship
  6. Satisfaction with the other person’s role
  7. Overall satisfaction with your relationship Add up all seven scores.

TOTAL SCORE INTERPRETATION: 0-15 Extremely dissatisfied 31-35 Somewhat satisfied 16-25 Moderately dissatisfied 36-40 Moderately satisfied 26-30 Somewhat dissatisfied 41-42 Very satisfied